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Three years ago I started a men's lifestyle blog. People liked it. So, I quit my agency and went full-time.

My blog generates 5 figure income/month. Still blows my mind.

I'm documenting everything I did to go from $0 to 5 figure/month income in this guide. Holding nothing back. I've nothing to upsell.

It's everything you need to start, grow and monetize your blog from scratch.

If you hired me, I'll tell you exactly what I'm going to share in this course.

The course is divided into 4 major sections.

  • Build
  • Scale
  • Monetize
  • Automate

There are sub-sections under each section.

Here’s the outline …

Let’s go into the details.


The complete guide on how to set up a blog from scratch, even if you’re a beginner.

First I’m going to show you how to pick the right niche. So, you don’t waste time building something that nobody wants to read.

Then I’m going to help you pick the right blogging platform based on your current technical skills. So, it’s easier for you to build and manage your blog.

In the next step, I’ll show you how to pick the right keywords. So, rank on Google as quickly as possible and start making money from the traffic you generate.

I’ll also show you how many articles you need to write before you launch. So, you don’t lose momentum and start getting visitors as quickly as possible.

Next thing I’ll show you how to pick the right name for your blog. How to set up social media accounts and specific growth guides for important platforms. And how to set up your email list.


How to get massive traffic to your blog without spending a dime on ads

I’m going to show you exactly how I drive 5k+ visitors to my blog every single day.

I’ll show you how to build authority in your niche. So, you attract high-quality visitors that buy your products.

I’ll also show you how to leverage social media to get traffic to your blog without spending on ads.


How to make money from your blog.

My blog makes money in 7 different ways. I’ll lay everything down for you.

From how to sign up for display ad networks to selling affiliate products to creating and selling your own products

I’m going to hold nothing back and show you all the ways you can get paid from your blog.


How to run your blog almost on autopilot and make money from it.

I work 3 to 4 hours/week on my blog. And it generates 5 figures/month income for me.

I’ve automated almost everything. And I’ll show you how I did it.

From hiring writers to email sequences that sell your products on auto-pilot.

So, that’s your outline. Everything you need to know to build a profitable blog from scratch even if you’re a beginner.

It’s going to be action-packed

Like all my other ebooks. This one is also going to be super actionable. No fluff. Do this … Don’t do that .. kind of content which you can immediately implement.

My exact process. Exactly what I’d use if I were to build a blog from scratch today.

You get everything. Behind the scenes. Screenshots. Systems and more.

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5 Figure Blog

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